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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 19, 2014

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Contemporary Underground House with a Spectacular Hidden Feature

By English Architects Neil Collin Homes


And now for a glimpse of modern architecture with a difference.  The English are known for their intriguing eccentricity and at first glance this marvelous contemporary underground house seems to fit this description.  But wait, this house wasn’t built on a whim it is not an example of folly building.  It is in fact a super luxurious subterranean mansion.


Set in immaculate landscaped gardens, which respond to the circular structure of the contemporary underground house, the only visible architectural feature is the large circular glass window.  The wonderfully verdant and manicured lawns and hedgerows have been designed to ripple out from this mysterious oculus.  The hidden house is situated in Bowden, England and is the creation of architects Neil Collin Homes.

Contemporary Underground Architecture Conceals Secrets


This house conceals many unexpected features, not least of these is a wonderful light and airy interior which contradicts the architecture’s buried location.  Light from the large circular window streams right through the house apart from in the bedroom area which remains more dimly lit.  This more subdued lighting is of course conducive for relaxation and peaceful sleep.  The decorative scheme in the main house is largely white which maximizes the available natural illumination.


The interior design scheme is sleek and ultramodern.  The architectural curves are enhanced by the fitted units and the arrangement of furniture which seems governed by the central skylight.  Wherever you are in this contemporary underground house you just need to glance up to connect with the sky and trees outside. Rich wooden features contrast the white walls and add definition to the open plan interior spaces.

The circular floor plan is hinted at from outside but the clever use of space is only revealed when you enter the interior.

The Big Surprise Hidden in this Contemporary Underground House


If this home isn’t impressive enough, well take a further look it has more surprises to share.  The house comes complete with its own fabulous pool and water slide.  Beautifully designed to follow the curvilinear forms of the contemporary underground house architecture, the pool area is a visual delight.  This home has been built for people who like to have fun and what a spectacular way to do it. This watering hole is positively futuristic and a superb focal point for parties.


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  • On October 5, 2012

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