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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 15, 2014

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Minimalist Home by Carrilho da Graca Arquitectos - Latest Furniture

Minimalist Home by Carrilho da Graca Arquitectos


The Candeias House is a project of Lisboa-based studio Carrilho da Graca Arquitectos. This minimalist home is located in Evora, Portugal and takes a 340m2 / 3,660f2 area among a slightly hilly green land. The landscape is calm and rural, providing a quiet natural atmosphere away from urban hustle. Among this still setting the house emerges a single floor above ground level and steals the attention with its all-white facade.

Candeias House – modern minimalist home


The modern home is designed completely in the spirit of Minimalism. The saying “Less is more” fully applies for this minimalist home. It consists of three simple parallelepiped volumes connected in the shape of an irregular letter u. The entire fa?ade is painted white and there are a few openings in it. Most of them are placed looking to the courtyard which is considered the more private area of the home. From here there is a view to the surrounding hills ahead. Having a connection between the building and landscape is also a feature of Minimalism. The house’s courtyard is connected to a pool area that consists of a wooden deck and a long infinity pool vanishing into the scenery.

Minimalist home Candeias House -  inner yard


The interior design of the minimalist home is also as simple and clean as possible. The rooms are arranged according to function, all of them enclosed and linked to a corridor. The large living room is sheltered in the shorter wing and connected to the entrance hall and an office. The dining and kitchen area is situated in the middle wing and all the bedrooms are spread along the longest wing. The spaces are designed following Minimalism’s trends. There are clean white walls and ceilings, some black furniture pieces to keep contrast and wooden floors for softness. Little but enough flow of daylight is penetrating through the few openings of the house. The rays of light play along the pure white walls during the day and reflect in the shining parquet. The atmosphere in this neat minimalist home is bright, lively and easy to live in. All you get here is the simplicity of structure and the overwhelming impact of nature and serenity which Minimalism seeks to enhance.

By K.H.Hristova

Candeias House – the spirit of minimalism


minimalist infinity pool


infinity pool and great view


infinity pool lights







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