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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 23, 2014

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Arranging a bedroom in warm colours part 2

Arranging a bedroom in warm colours part 2



Cozy stylish bedroom with cushions

Arranging bedroom colours for the bedroom
The cosy atmosphere in your bedroom care soft cushions with animal motifs and gentle, nature-inspired colours of the walls and furniture. Just behind the glass doors is a dressing room – a comfortable solution to maintain order in the zone. The window in the bedroom should obscure the white, soft cloth contracting that gently transmits light, while isolating it from the outside world.

Modern beige bedroom


Modern beige bedroom design


For the bedroom, we chose soothing colour palette. Shades of beige and light grey are calming, light up the interior. Such colours of the walls in the bedroom are also a good background for a more vibrant additive, for example, in shades of brown and faded green. On the floor in the bedroom carpet was laid with felt.
The ideal lighting for the bedroom

Light bedroom interior


Luxury bedroom with beautiful lighting

What kind of lighting you choose the bedroom, decides about the climate of the interior. Ceiling lighting is useful only when you need to lighten heavily bedroom. However, if we want a discreet, intimate mood in the bedroom, take care of lighting accessories – lamps, floor and wall lights. Such lighting in the bedroom gives a soft light with a warm colour. An interesting solution is a single bed with headboard VOX Ovo, which creates a relaxing bedroom diffuse illumination. Their intensity and range of colours can be adjusted by remote control.

Warm color bedroom


Warm color bedroom with modern furniture

Light modern bedroom


Light bedroom with modern lamps and furniture

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