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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 17, 2014

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Feng Shui bedroom part 4

Feng Shui bedroom part 4



Attic Feng Shui bedroom

Elements conducive to rest in the Feng Shui bedroom arrangements give the impression of cosiness. Take care so that the bedroom was a large amount of pillows, quilts warm to the touch…
Bedroom in the attic and Feng Shui
Many controversies in the attic bedroom furnishing induce oblique, typical for attics, ceilings.

Attic Feng Shui bedroom


Attic bedroom in style Feng Shui


There are articles, books and even frightening, that threatens the attic bedroom problems. Meanwhile, according to traditional Feng Shui, the ceiling (if it is not too low), gives the impression of safety and comfort.
What to avoid in the bedroom. Feng Shui philosophy strongly discourages hanging in the bedroom photos or images of deceased persons or living with a family – you will subconsciously “feel” as if that person was with you in the bedroom and watched you.

Feng Shui bedroom


Modern attic Feng Shui bedroom

Moderation is also indicated in the setting of plants in the bedroom. Pinch of green in the bedroom does not hurt, but you should know that in a room where rest, cannot be too many plants – by Feng Shui, they activate too much space and compete with us for energy.

Bedroom in Feng Shui style


Feng Shui bedroom in green and white

Green Feng Shui bedroom


Green Feng Shui bedroom


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