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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | August 28, 2014

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Kitchen - Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends

How to arrange an adorable breakfast nook in the kitchen

August 15, 2014 |

The kitchen is the place where we gather with family. It can be intimate, cozy and relaxing. We have collected some ideas to help you arrange an adorable and cozy breakfast nook in the kitchen.  How to choose a breakfast nook set? The breakfast nook is a perfect addition to any kitchen – large or small. With the right breakfast nook set you can visually separate a cozy dining area. Adjust the seat in the window area, so that enough sunlight falls on it. Before selecting the breakfast nook …Read More

The classic beauty of subway tile backsplash in the kitchen

August 13, 2014 |

With the construction of the New York subway in the beginning of 1900s, the specially designed by stylists and artists typical rectangular ceramic tile with chamfered edges have not lost their popularity among architects and builders or fans of the Art Nouveau style. In many kitchen designs you will see a subway tile backsplash and there is a very good reason for that. Subway tiles are both functional and beautiful and they fit perfectly in various interiors. The special nature of their chamfered …Read More

Pedini presented the latest in contemporary Italian kitchen design

May 9, 2014 |

The event, which takes place in parallel to the International Furniture Fair in Milan, Eurocucina 2014 reached its 20th edition proving that the kitchen is more than just a place to prepare delicacies and goodies. Amongst the leaders in contemporary Italian kitchen design is Pedini who accent on versatility and flexibility.  Setting the trends in contemporary Italian kitchen design   The Eurocucina show is one of the world’s biggest kitchen shows which takes place every two years.  Appealing …Read More

15 Contemporary kitchen designs with stainless steel countertops

May 8, 2014 |

Stainless steel countertops are no longer a novelty in the kitchen design. In addition, such kitchens are no longer bearing the label “commercial” or industrial. Quite the contrary, stainless steel countertops are versatile and a perfect fit into a modern kitchen as they have a really sleek appearance. The best about them is that they add the modern twist into the traditional styling. Stainless steel countertops in the modern kitchen The main reason why stainless steel countertops are …Read More

Contemporary kitchen design – focus on colors schemes

April 29, 2014 |

You want to create a contemporary kitchen design and have the kitchen of your dreams? Focus on the colors schemes then! White is an extremely practical solution for the contemporary kitchen. It blends with all colors and shades, and it is easy to try combinations and various ideas. Selection below highlights several solutions for contemporary kitchen colors schemes. Contemporary kitchen design: accent on white White kitchens blend into any home interior. Classic pristine white or ivory color …Read More

Piamo – the fastest microwave espresso maker for coffee lovers

January 14, 2014 |

Are you a coffee lover? Do you enjoy the aroma and taste of it? For most of us this is how the day starts – with a cup of coffee. Either at home or in the office – a good strong espresso is what we all need. But in the usual morning haste not many of us have the time to enjoy the perfect espresso and if we have to be honest, not many companies are equipped with espresso machines and this is why a cup of instant coffee is the best you can get. Well, not any more! German inventors Christoph …Read More

Funky porcelain tea set with colored handles – I-Wares by Seletti

December 19, 2013 |

Seletti is an Italian manufacturer, established in 1964 and famous for their belief that “revolution is the only solution”. In the area of household, Seletti has won the reputation of offering innovative design objects from furniture and tableware to decorative items. This porcelain tea set is called I-Wares and is a funky interpretation of the classic style tea sets. Manifactured in classic white, the accent in this design is the handle which comes in bright colors such as green, orange, …Read More

Contemporary kitchen appliances with artistic vision from Valcucine

November 26, 2013 |

You wish to update your kitchen? Then take a look at this exclusive design line. The Italian manufacturer Valcucine offers a new and artistic vision for the contemporary kitchen appliances design. The company is a world leader in terms of kitchen equipment and facilities and is revolutionizing the concept of “Kitchen Design” and here is their inspiring and creative solution. Contemporary kitchen appliances design – the Artematica line With the Artematica line Valcucine shows an exciting …Read More