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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 22, 2014

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Easter Decorations- Creative Ideas - Latest Furniture Trends


Easter Decorations- bunny decorations

There is nothing better than making your own Easter decorations. Creating your own home decor for this wonderful celebration definitely gives you one of the most satisfactory feelings. Opposed to Christmas, where you need to strictly preponderate and accent on green, red, white or yellow, this holiday d doesn’t need that much brightness but it definitely needs color. A warm and cozy ambiance – that’s what we are all looking for Easter decorations, however you can let your imagination decide what kind of new elements you want to add up to your decoration. Here are some interesting ideas that you might find useful:

Easter decorations

Easter Decorations- egg hats

Knitted Easter decor

Knitting can be a great element of your Easter decorations. Some of the most unique and original ideals related to knitting are right here. As you know the Christmas stocking is very important for your Christmas decoration… Why not have knitted gloves as a part of your Easter Decor then? You can place them in different parts of the house and allow them to accent more on the interior if they are in various different colors. Knitted Egg Hats – which you can place on top of the Easter eggs, are also an absolutely adorable idea.

Easter Decorations-easter cake decorations

Decorating with Easter Cookies

Make cookies in different forms – bunnies, eggs, hearts, flowers or anything else you like. Ask your family to join you decorate them. Then place them in different arrangements around the house. You can even place them in a special way in order to recreate lovely scenery from an Easter story.

easter egg decorations

Easter Cards Decorations

Create a garland of Easter cards to hang over from the ceiling. Now that is going to be an absolute thrill for your guests or members of the family, when they come downstairs on Easter morning.

Easter Decorations- bunny decorations

Paper and glass Easter Decorations

Use paper to create different baskets for small, colored empty bottles, glasses or glass bows. Place the eggs in the bow or in the decorated Egg holders. This can be a lovely table arrangement.

Easter Decorations- easter baskets with eggs

Easter Decorations- eggs decorations

Easter Decorations- eggs decorations

Easter Decorations- Tea cup

Easter Decorations- easter egg decorations

Easter Decorations - Egg decorations

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