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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 18, 2014

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How to Define Living Spaces with a Contemporary Bar Room Divider

How to Define Living Spaces with a Contemporary Bar Room Divider


There is a significant trend today towards open plan interior designs. Older living spaces are having internal walls ripped down to open up the home to the benefits of light and space. Often, in the case of modern architectural projects, internal walls are not built in the first place. However there are clear benefits from having some kind of divisions between specific living spaces.  Enter the highly versatile modern bar room divider. These tasteful examples illustrate how successful a relatively low level feature can be in defining living zones without loss of light or the sense of space.

Separate kitchen areas from the main living room with a bar room divider.


There are two particular types of contemporary bar room dividers shown here.  The first is a free standing island bar with a practical counter top.  This fundamental form is displayed in a variety of room settings to show how versatile this structure is in separating spaces within open plan interiors of all styles.  It doesn’t matter whether your home is traditional in decor or more modern, a free standing island unit can be adapted to make a very successful division between the working kitchen and the more relaxed living and dining zones.  The bar unit can be easily incorporated into the overall design scheme so that it integrates seamlessly with the style and ambience of the room.  Not to be neglected is the useful extra facility this bar feature provides.  It is an extra informal dining area for family use or for entertaining friends over coffee.  While someone is busy in the kitchen it would be natural to sit at the bar and keep them company without getting in the way.  The bar also provides extra working space in the kitchen when needed.

The more developed bar room divider used as a contemporary mini-bar.



Mini bars were once highly popular but for one reason or another they fell out of fashion in the west.  Now there seems to be an increase in the mini bar’s popularity again.  In a large room area a bar room divider may become a more developed structure. In this scenario the resulting pod like unit becomes a self contained zone within a larger space.  This more elaborate feature is perfect as a mini bar and the range of possible styles is again unlimited.  Ideally, when not serving traditional alcoholic refreshments, the mini bar could offer a separate function maybe as a funky coffee or juice bar in the daytime.

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bar room divider separating kitchen and living room


bar in a luxury interior design


bar room divider between  kitchen and living area


bar unit kichen island


silver bar stools


 bar room divider separating spaces


free standing kitchen island bar


modern bar room divider wooden stools




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