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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | July 26, 2014

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Bricks in the interior part 3

Bricks in the interior part 3


Bricks decoration in bedroom

Colour changes everything
How to use bricks and tiles should be subordinated to style, we want to create. Modern arrangements often refer to artistic associations with Loft: minimalist design with metal detailing and brick walls, rough surfaces with so starkly furnished and well fits brick in shades of cool and soothing, such as anthracite or black shaded. The rustic style is a shift toward emphasizing the beauty of nature and human-friendly raw materials. The combination of wood and bricks and warm pastel colours, like yellow or red-butted a natural cause, which the interior will benefit from the nobility.

Bricks in living room


In search of inspiration
Given the wide range of types and colours of bricks and tiles available on the market, the choice of clinker to the interior may be a difficult task. Help interactive tool can then colour matching interior the tab for the client. This is a visualization of the room where used and clinker brick facing Robin handmade brand. With this application, we can not only virtually experiment with the colours of the bricks in the kitchen and living room, but also adjust the colour of the grout, furniture and walls.

Brick wall decoration


Brick wall decoration

Minimalistic brick walls

Modern brick decoration

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