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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 21, 2014

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Christmas fantasy - Christmas tree part 3

Christmas fantasy – Christmas tree part 3


White red Christmas tree

Are you sorry prematurely cut down a Christmas tree? Do you think that destroy young tree for a few holidays – this is barbarism? So dig up the Christmas tree and the soil transplant in a bucket or grow it in the garden!

More and more are the supporters of artificial Christmas trees. This is due to many reasons. Here are some of them:
1. On this wonderful acquisition, you can enjoy long – at least five years or ten.
2. You do not need water to maintain a certain temperature in the room and so on.

White gold Christmas tree


White gold Christmas tree decoration


3. Christmas tree does not fall off, which eliminates the need for the New Year to pick out a carpet of fallen needles.
4. You can purchase a wood any colour, height, size of the crown, the degree of fluffy. There is a tree with LED-s – it is in itself so beautiful that almost do not need jewellery. . Some people prefer the classic green, someone liking the blue tree, while others will choose silver. There are also Christmas trees, branches of which are designed with an artificial frost or snow cones with and without them.
5. Anyone who bought an artificial Christmas tree, save this one (or, at least, the conscience will be clean).

White Christmas tree


White Christmas tree and coffee table

You say that Christmas tree does not smell of pine needles. You can buy a few sprigs of pine or fir, put them in a bowl and decorate with candles – and beautiful, and the flavour is guaranteed.
Meet the New Year with new ideas, fun and original!

Christmas tree living room


Sofa and white Christmas tree in living room

Christmas tree decorating ideas


Christmas tree decorating ideas

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