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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 21, 2014

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Contrasts in the interiors part 2

Contrasts in the interiors part 2


Colorful teen room interior

The principle of the three interior colors is the combination of three colors from the color wheel located on the corners of an equilateral triangle, such statements are red, yellow and blue, or green, orange and purple. This statement, however, sometimes is dangerous, because they are extremely contrasting interior colors.

Kids room


Kids room interior in green orange and purple


The principle of four interior colors is to choose two pairs of complementary colors, like orange with blue and greenish yellow with blue violet or green orange and purple This combination can be very interesting in our interior decor.

Living room decor


Living room decor in purple and grey color

The principle of complementary interior colors is divided combining complementary colors of two adjacent colors. Get the output as the principle of complementary interior colors, but if this principle we have many more possibilities of combining colors, so we can get more interesting color effects.

Kitchen interior design


Fresh kitchen interior design in yellow and green

The principle of cold and warm colors is probably one of the most popular interior design principles. All the while, we know that cool colors are blue, green, and purple, and yellow are warm colors, orange and red. In addition, speaking generally, the rule speaks of measures to cool colors of blue and warm colours on their way toward the red. The colors give the interior a warm and feeling close to any objects, and are associated with light, sun, and feelings of passion, anxiety, and energy. As for the colour, it gives the impression of cold distancing of optical objects, and the feeling of carrying a calm detachment and meditation.
In addition to the principles of colour, we should also mention the colour properties, which include hue, brightness, and saturation. The properties are in fact equally important in the interior design, as all the rules of color.

Bathroom interior


Colorful bathroom interior



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