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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | July 26, 2014

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Minimalism in the interior design part 2

Minimalism in the interior design part 2


Japanese minimalistic bathroom

Japanese interior – a vivid example of minimalism
Classic Japanese interior is the best example of minimalism. In this interior, there are no extra decorations and bulky items of furniture. The minimum wall decoration lay out on the floor mats. All the space of the house looks like one. Widely used is a lightweight sliding design and screen.Used are monochromatic colours, mostly white, brown, black, and all their shades. The role of the cabinet serve niches, chairs are also available. Traditionally, Japanese people are sleeping, eating on the floor.The combination of minimalism and functionalism.When you create an interior in minimalist furniture must perform several functions. For example, sofas and beds fitted with side tables for storing bedding and clothing, the table can be retractable, disguised as a wall or cabinet. The main thing is to create a space in which each subject will be in place.

White nursery interior


Zoning nursery
At any age for child nursery is the most important room interior design, and so children must meet first, safe and healthy, and secondly, the child’s needs.As a rule, children are both a bedroom and study, and a place for games, which means that the zones for all these functions should be divided. There are several ways of zoning child’s room, of which we speak today.

Minimalist kids room


Minimalist kids room

The logic of zoning child’s room should be understandable and accessible to the child, and, above all, very convenient: it is a study area, desk, and bookshelves should be located in most room’s lighted area, the bed – in a secluded corner. It is applicable even if the room is small (and in small apartments, as a rule, whit very small children), than you can at least be divided these zones.

Contemporary child room

 Minimalist kids bedroom

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