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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 21, 2014

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Studio apartment design options and layout


When exploring a studio apartment design options you should be aware of the fact that you have to live, cook, sleep and receive visitors, in one and the same room. Designing studios need to take into account a few things which we will list in this article.

The fireplace in studio apartment design

Fireplace-and-sofa-in-studio-apatment- design

First, in the studio apartment, you will need several functional areas:

- Area for sleeping – bedroom;
- Area for cooking and eating;
- Seating area for guest reception and communication
- storage space

It is necessary to distinguish all these zones. In the urban apartment it would be better to abandon the walls it will be much more practical to use moveable partitions or screens.

Small studio apartment design ideas


When planning a place to sleep give preference to the most compact types of furniture or a foldable sofa. If the sofa will also be used for seating, make sure that the mattress is hard enough and not deformed. As you combine the kitchen with the room, try to do a minimal set of kitchen furniture and equipment. Compact ergonomic appliances and storage systems will help you save space. There is no need to remind that the smell of cooking will inevitably penetrate into the living space. If this is one of your prime concerns, you’d better abandon the idea of getting a studio apartment. It is very difficult to give any kind of advice how to organize a cabinet in the studio apartment – a lot depends on your habits and how much space you need in the studio to a “study” in the studio apartment design. If your interior design solution allows it, it makes sense to take an advantage of a compact computer desk on wheels so you can move your desk to a convenient corner of the apartment. Where to store your things? The motto of your home studio should be a “minimum of things – the ultimate in comfort!”. However, even the smallest amount of necessary stuff needs some space. A good option would be a compact wardrobe from floor to ceiling where every inch of space will work for you.




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