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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 23, 2014

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Styles in the interior design from antiquity to the present - part 1

Styles in the interior design- Egyptian-interior-design-idea

The art of interior has its origins in antiquity and styles in the interior design began to form in the times when people did not have any problem of stylistic identity. They created their surroundings in strict accordance with the prevailing notions of beauty and convenience. Their choice was minimal: it was limited to religious conventions, the scarcity of available tools and, more importantly, failure to address the architectural heritage of the past and after all, in fact, the story was still just beginning.

Styles in the interior design – Egyptian bedroom interior

Styles in the interior design-Egyptian-bedroom-interior-design

Ancient Egyptian interior is one of the styles in the interior design. The first independent identity in the global culture is considered the one of ancient Egyptians. What was the special thing that they left behind, as tens of centuries later they are still remembered not only by archaeologists and historians? As you know, the basic building material of ancient Egyptian architects were oversized boulders, which symbolize the idea of power and immortality of the soul.

Styles in the interior design – Ancient Egyptian interior


Naturally, the arrangement of the ancient interior must also be consistent with the overall grand scale. You may ask yourselves how comfort fitted in the grand picture? The style proved to be integral and fundamental in every sense: in spite of the fact that it survived for almost 4,000 years, traditional decoration during this time have not changed. The Egyptian style is quite easily recognizable. For example, the walls are covered with hieroglyphic inscriptions, columns are characterized with the form of a lotus, genre scenes, in which human figures are depicted in a traditional Egyptian poses (head and lower body – in profile, torso and arms – full face). The main thing – that it was all couched in a rather rough manner, imitated the most basic materials and does not violate the monochrome pastel palettes.

Egyptian bedroom interior


Ancient bedroom interior



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