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Latest Furniture, Interior design and Decoration Trends | September 18, 2014

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Living room with small kitchen - How to decorate small apartment

Living room with small kitchen – How to decorate small apartment


Modern small apartment kitchen living design

How you can decorate a small apartment in a block that was comfortable and modern? First, we combine the living room with kitchen and choose bright colours of interiors. It should also decide on furniture to a high gloss, which is also optically enlarges the living room with kitchen. In a small apartment sizes count as furniture, so we do most of the dimension. This will provide a modern and comfortable small apartment. We present a super idea for a small apartment.How you can decorate a small apartment that was comfortable for 3-person family? What is important is the choice of wall colours and furniture. Small-furnished apartment with a predominance of clear tones (walls, floors, furniture) will seem spacious.

Kitchen with living room


Contemporary kitchen with living room


Small Houses: select furniture and interior colours for living room with kitchen
The living room with kitchen is with white high gloss furniture. Shining fronts in the living room furniture (made to order according to interior designer idea) refer to the Kitchens and just as she opened the cliques. The owners feared that this furniture would be difficult to keep clean. Fortunately, it turned out that to obtain a “high gloss” just slightly damp microfiber cloth. In a small apartment, size has furniture count.

Living room with kitchen


Modern living room combined with kitchen

Couch in living area is not deep, because we wanted to keep up a large distance between it and the buildings with equipment Electronics (was made to order, making it shallower than those available in stores). Arrangement of colour enlivens the living room accessories. Interior colour theme is discreet – a shade of lime. Although the open lists several different types of lighting, it looks consistent. The window in the living room has no curtains. The owners abandoned them in favour of blinds. They argue that this small apartment look more spacious and more modern. Here from the living room goes to the bedroom.

Kitchen with living space


Luxury kitchen with living space

Small apartment: kitchen
The fronts of kitchen cabinets shining light is reflected as a mirror panels. Thanks to this small apartment catches his breath. The wall above the table top changes colour depending on light – artificial light takes on a beautiful shade of lemon.

Kitchen and living room design


Small apartment combination of kitchen and living room design

The floor tile is ideal for the kitchen, which frees up the hallway. Watching the interior design, the owners were afraid of a little kitchen transitive. It turned out that unnecessarily. Thanks to this location in a small apartment kitchen was a place not just a bedroom, but also a large wardrobe, and even wardrobe.

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